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Bacon Fairy Unmasked


I present to you the source of mysterious bacon: one Jenn Dobb! After a few days of asking around and striking out with my incorrect guesses I remembered that I had assisted Jenn with some pretty fancy nerdery during the time in question. I sent a message and today I learned that yes – it was her. Mystery solved! Thank you, Jenn! A wonderful surprise and I will share the bacons with my family in San Diego when I visit for Christmas.

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Mysterious Bacon

A package was delivered to the office this afternoon. Origin: No distinguishing sender information on the label. According to the packing list inside, I bought myself some fancy bacon as it was ordered and shipped from and to the same address. It included a line of “thanks.” Hmmm. Very curious indeed. I asked the whole office and they denied having anything to do with it. Amy is not admitting to anything either. I have helped a few people with stuff in the past week, this was ordered on Dec 9. Hmmm. AHH! I assisted Sarah Fragoso with her computer on December 9. Perhaps she has something to do with it? Will Sarah Fragoso of please stand up and be recognized?
Is it you whom I may thank for the fancy bacon delivery??

UPDATE: 8PM – Sarah Fragoso tweeted to tell me it was NOT her that sent the bacon! Now I am very very puzzled! Secret Santa sends sodium snacks! Film at 11!

UPDATE: 11PM – When I got home, I had a package waiting on my doorstep from Sharon and Mac McCollum. Unexpected, but nice just the same. Opened it up and … could this be the source of our bacon mystery??



UPDATE: It was not Sharon and Mac.


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Welcome/Bienvenidos to Taco Stand, May I Take Your Order?

My name is Dain Sandoval. I live in Chico, CA. I have some pretty solid experience with computers and networking. I might be able to repair your system. I might be able to help you plan a network. I probably can’t build you a fancy website or mobile app. I’m not a coder. I leave that to the folks that actually like doing that stuff. Lots of geeky people LOVE developing apps and sites and furthering the user experience (UX for those in the biz.) I am not that person.

Dropped your phone in the toilet – spilled your coffee in the keyboard – it’s acting all weird  – need a memory upgrade – drive failed – email systems – domains – hosting – DNS –  installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting medium-size routed and switched networks – or you just want to shoot the breeze on the OSI/DoD models  or ask what EIGRP, OSPF, L2TP/IPsec and Frame Relay have to do with life as we know it? Then I might be useful to you.